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Ehsan Shahabi

I provide visionaries with capabilities to excel in their venture.



Innovating with purpose can advance humanity. There are curious minds and free spirits that change the reality, so being becomes more vibrant and human. We will unite and venture.


01 Strategy

02 Innovation

03 Data

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I offer a suite of strategic services to help you develop and execute a winning strategy, gain a competitive advantage, and enter new markets.

  • Strategy Development & Review

    Develop a clear and concise strategy that is aligned with your business goals and evaluate how you progress toward your mission.

  • Competitive intelligence

    Gain clear insights into your game's dynamics, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Market Entry

    Find the right way to enter new markets. I provide research, analysis, and strategic advice to make you succeed.

  • Best practices research

    Discover best practices in your industry, so you can adopt the latest and greatest strategies.

  • Innovation Strategy

    Develop a comprehensive innovation strategy and implement the right initiatives that is aligned with your purpose.

  • Corporate Venturing

    Develop and execute a corporate venturing strategy to invest in and partner with startups and manage your portfolio of ventures to maximize success.

  • Business Model Renovation

    Identify and implement new business models and transform efficiently that will drive growth and profitability.


I help you innovate, venture into new markets, and renovate your business model.


From data to action: I help you collect, analyze, and visualize your data so you can make informed decisions about your situations.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Develop and implement data-driven decision making culture and process.

  • Data Analytics & Visualization

    Identify trends and patterns to easily understand and communicate to others.

  • Assessment Design

    Benefit from tailored assessments to measure your progress towards your business goals.


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You have a complex problem?

Well, there is a first time for everything, right?

Miles Morales , The Spider-Man


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